TSYS Merchant Solutions Referral Program FAQ
Q1. Who is eligible?
Almost anyone 18 years or older can be a part of our referral program. Members of TSYS Merchant Solutions’ sales teams and their families are not eligible.

Q2. What is a valid referral?
A valid referral is considered a named contact with current contact information who is interested in signing a contract with TSYS Merchant Solutions for payment processing.

Q3. What if my referral is already a contact?
We appreciate your referral and suggest you continue to refer other contacts.

Q4. Do I need to know the person I’m referring?
While we will not keep you from referring anyone, we highly recommend you know the person you refer. This is mainly because it is less likely that a stranger would sign up for our services, and therefore, less likely for you to be rewarded.

Q5. How will I know if my referral is successful?
Your MyAccount page will keep you updated on the status of your referrals. In addition, you will receive an email if a referral’s status changes for any reason.

Q6. Is there a limit of how many people I may refer?
There is no limit of how many people you may refer, but you should always consider whether the person is right for our business.

Q7. Is there a limit on the number of rewards I may receive?
No, but if you receive $599 or more in rewards you will have to fill out an IRS W9 to continue receiving rewards.

Q8. What if I have additional questions?
Please feel free to contact us at +1.800.207.1980 with any additional questions and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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